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10 key questions to consider when selecting the right metal cleaning agent

An effective metal cleaning process begins with the right choice of the cleaning medium

In many manufacturing sectors, metal cleaning is critical to quality reassurance.
Insufficiently cleaned parts can affect the quality of many subsequent industrial processes such as coating, welding, bonding and assembling. 

When deciding for the right cleaning method, many people instinctively ask:
“Which is better – solvent or aqueous?”. The answer is: it depends.

In fact, the question has never been about which one is better. It is rather:
what are your requirements, goals and expectations and how can these demands be best fulfilled?

Making the right decision depends on a myriad of factors – technical, economic, and safety and health. The optimal decision should work to balance those needs.

In our guidance paper, we have put together 10 particular questions concerning cleaning quality, economic efficiency and environmental impact that will guide you in finding the right cleaning approach.  

You'll also learn: 

  • What factors can impact the long-term costs of your cleaning process
  • Why the types, sizes and complexities of your metal parts matter
  • How you can determine the strength of a cleaning agent
  • Why “polarity” plays a decisive role in effective cleaning